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Why Choose a Realtor

Whether you are buying or selling, having a Real Estate Agent to assist you is your choice. So, you are probably asking yourself then why should I have a Real Estate Agent help me, I can do this on my own. The answer is, maybe you can but consider these pointers before making that move.

Buying a Home:

Do you have the time to go through hundreds of listings, many that may not even be close to what you are looking for?

Do you want to call numerous Real Estate Offices to schedule appointments and maybe even be told that the house is off the market or you have to work around the seller’s agent’s availability? Do you want to sign the same paperwork over and over again, every time you meet with another agent to view a home? Real Estate Agents have tools not available to the general public. They will assist you in narrowing down your search and therefore eliminating visiting homes that may not even be close to what you are looking for.

Selling a Home:

Real Estate Agents know what helps sell a home. They have the tools that can help you price your home right. Real Estate Agents will market your property throughout multiple listing sites. They provide expertise in your area. They will take the stress out of handling all the open houses, showing the home, negotiating with potential buyers and other agents based off of what your needs and wants are.