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Moving Checklist

Two – Three Months before

  • Begin to eliminate items you no longer need. Clean out your closets of any items you have been pushing off to get rid of. Pack up seasonal clothing items (utilizing vacuum seal bags help to keep things organized and are a great space saving tool.)
  • Consider going through your attic and basement and downsizing if needed. You may need these spaces to store packed items at a later time frame.
  • Hold Yard Sales or Donate unused items.

One – Two Months before

  • Begin packing items that are not frequently used. Consider writing details as to the contents of each box (ie: Kitchen – Blender, Mixing bowls) or Number each box and keep a running list for easy reference as to what contents are inside. Numbering the boxes also helps to keep track of how many boxes are being moved (1 of 45).
  • If dealing with a school district, contact the school to see what is required for transfers/new enrollment or simply change of address. Each school district will have different rules so don’t assume if your current district has one set of rules that this will apply to the other school district.
  • Fill out change of address form with the post office.

2 weeks before

  • Contact subscription services, utilities, etc. of moving date and new address.
  • Finalize your packing keeping 2-3 weeks of clothing aside and any important items you may need for the next few weeks. Think of it as packing for a 2 week vacation.
  • Prep some meals you can keep in your freezer, purchase disposable dishes, utensils, cups to be used the week before your move (and maybe even the week after your arrival in your new home).

1 week before

  • Schedule any bulk pick up needed. Properly dispose of any flammable items such as paint cans, chemicals, etc.
  • Finalize any donations that need to be picked up or arrange to have them dropped off.

Moving Day:

Check closets, cabinets, attic, basement, etc. for any items that may have been left behind. When arriving at your new home have the movers place boxes in the designated area of your choice. Consider how you want these boxes to be grouped: by room or items you know you will need to open right away. When unpacking keep in mind it didn’t take you one day to pack and will most likely be the same when it comes to unpacking.

Most Importantly WELCOME HOME! Get ready to start a new chapter in your life with many memories to look back on for years to come. If you haven’t already done so get to know your neighborhood.

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