Island Advantage Realty has what buyers and sellers need and deserve; the highest level of commitment to consumer goals and the experience, creativity and ability to navigate that make the achievement of these goals possible. Island Advantage’s core philosophy is governed by an unwavering allegiance and support to the expectations of our valued clients, being ever-focused on our responsibility to make their objectives our primary concern.

By treating every transaction as its own unique scenario, Island Advantage Realty is able to discern the best strategies for marketing, negotiating, leveraging and managing the assets entrusted to us with the most profound level of diligence and care.
As one of the largest residential real estate firms in the Long Island and surrounding areas, Island Advantage Realty has become synonymous with real estate professionalism, integrity and purpose.
From single family homes to coops, condominiums, commercial properties and more, Island Advantage’s variety of real estate inventory enables us to present magnificent opportunities to consumers of all kinds. With a zeal for seamless execution for maximum results, it is no wonder why sellers of all types have been entrusting their real estate ambitions to Island Advantage Realty for over two decades.
Representing a plentitude of home sellers, homebuyers, corporate buyers and sellers, as well as being a trusted resource in the liquidation of government owned properties; we endeavor to deliver an unmatched quality of services to all who would allow us the privilege of serving them from start to finish!

Todd Yovino

Todd Yovino began his real estate career in 1988. Within the first year of his career, Todd was already proving himself to be a new and rising star within the industry, providing sophisticated and creative solutions for buyers and sellers that were not typical of a person so new to the business. By 1991, Todd became part owner of a nationwide franchise, learning the foundational practices of business management that would lead him to other real estate projects.

In 1994 at the age of 26, Todd co-founded Island Advantage Realty with Elizabeth Carl. Corporate headquarters were based in Huntington, NY, with branch locations throughout the Long Island and Metro New York area soon to follow.

Within the first year of its institution, the local area market found itself overwhelmed with an incredible influx of REO inventory. Seeing the impact of this emerging reality and the importance of helping lenders and families within our marketplace, Island Advantage Realty immediately began organizing and perfecting systems for seamless and effective REO liquidation. This quickly made Island Advantage Realty a trusted resource for lenders and local buyers as well as families who found themselves in distress.

Having built a powerfully equipped and robust sales force to accommodate the market’s needs, Island Advantage Realty then blossomed into a trusted listing and selling operation for the typical community home seller, in addition to an extensive management division providing property oversight. As a company, Island Advantage Realty has now come full circle, providing the best in class service to lenders in REO disposition as well as a premier listing office to the typical seller within our marketplace.

For the past 21 years, Todd has maintained and developed associations and business partnerships with government agencies, lenders, and other financial institutions of various kinds. Todd has earned national recognition as a premier manager and liquidator of assets on a nationwide level. This business model has put Island Advantage Realty at the forefront of the Long Island and Metropolitan New York marketplace.

Todd’s ability to understand the complexities and nuances associated with each unique transaction and to simplify the process of achieving client goals has been a key ingredient in his development of success. Todd’s tenure in real estate has been characterized by strong leadership, salesmanship, passion, conviction, diligence and a genuine concern for clients’ goals and expectations.

Island Advantage Realty is strategically positioned to provide the maximum level of real estate services throughout our coverage area with the commitment to quality, integrity and performance that our company has been characterized by. After empowering many sellers and buyers to successfully navigate the very challenging market in recent years, Island Advantage Realty has evolved into a tremendously well-oiled full service resource now equipped to accommodate the needs of any real estate transaction.

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